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Diffuser - Pet Safe Smart Plug-In

Diffuser - Pet Safe Smart Plug-In

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Premium Fragrance with Smart Tech Convenience.

Personalize every detail of your home scenting experience right from your phone! The Pura 3 smart fragrance diffuser pairs smart features and premium, clean fragrances to scent your home in a beautiful and easy way.


  • Multiple Diffusers + Multiple Fragrances: Add multiple diffusers in 1 account, 2 fragrances per diffuser.
  • Personalization: Label living spaces and customize each room preference.
  • Intensity: Adjust to desired strength of fragrance detection.
  • Timer: Set to run for a specified amount of time immediately.
  • Away Mode: Conserve fragrance when no one is home.
  • Schedules: Choose from pre-set options or create your own.
  • Always On: Forget about customizations and enjoy fragrances 24/7.
  • Multi-Colored Ambient Light: Automate to a scent schedule, choose hue from color wheel and adjust desired brightness.
  • Night Light: Automate to follow a scent schedule or manually turn on/off from app.
  • Runtime/Days: Keep track of lifetime per fragrance bottle.
  • Low Fragrance Alert: Receive notification when replacement is needed.
  • Alexa & Google Assistant compatible.

Clean: Created with ingredients that are safe and clean
Long-lasting fragrances: Fragrances last up to 100 hours with average use
Premium fragrances: High-end fragrances from popular brands
Smart features: Adjust intensity, use schedules, timers, and more

For use with any of our Pet Safe Fragrances.

Smart Control

Adjust fragrance intensity to fit your space. Create custom schedules to fit your routine, and set one-off timers to get scent right when you want it.


Fragrance Marketplace

Diffuse high-end fragrances from your favorite brands - including Capri Blue, Disney, NEST New York, and more. With a wide variety of brands and fragrance categories, everyone is sure to find their favorites!


Safe and Clean Scents
All our scents are created with clean ingredients and are safe for kids and pets. For more on what we do and don’t include in our scents, see the Pura Promise.

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