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Brolic + Luxury = Broluxe

BROLUXE LTD. CO. Healthy and organic products for all pups, pet safe goods for home, apparel for you. Custom designed apparel for XL American Bully. Based out of Austin, Texas.

Our apparel is currently specifically designed for XL American Bully breed only. Our sizes are not standard size measurements/dimensions currently in the industry since most apparel isn't designed for the unique physique bullies in general possess, therefore our sizes start at Bully XL (BXL) for the average XL American Bully, Bully XXL (B2XL) for heavier muscled or bulkier than average, Bully XXXL (B3XL) for heavily muscled - highly active, performance or show quality physique, and Bully Custom (BCSTM) for any bully needing a custom fit.

BROLUXE LTD. CO. does not currently offer apparel for puppies, young bullies, or bullies smaller than size specifications above and size chart. If you are interested in our XL American Bully designed apparel for smaller dogs or a different breed, please feel free to contact us and let us know!

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What Does Brolic Mean?

The word brolic is a term to describe somebody who has an extremely muscular physique. Check out this article on brolic and its possible origins here...


If you discover ANY questionable products on our site, we invite you to message us with details. We do our utmost to ensure our offered products meet customers' expectations yet appreciate you bringing any oversights to our attention. We value your trust in the quality and safety of our offered products and welcome your feedback to help make improvements!

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