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Chew - Beef Ears - Hair

Chew - Beef Ears - Hair

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As a healthy alternative to rawhide, beef ears are naturally low in fat, high in protein and easily digestible! They promote dental health through saliva secretion and tartar removal. Suitable for all sizes and breeds.

Natural Biome: These ears come from cows that spend their entire life pastured. Although each ear is washed before dehydration, seeing elements of grass, dirt, and other natural debris is common. Products with hair also retain some of their natural animal scent - which dogs love - so you can expect a cow ear to smell somewhat like a cow!

Can dogs eat hair? Yes! Hair is very beneficial to the digestive tract - think of it like a pipe cleaner - it also delivers good levels of fiber and manganese! Having hair on a chew gives pups more stimulating smells and textures. Additionally, it satisfies their canine drives by allowing them to "de-fluff" and pick at the chew before gnawing it down!

100% dehydrated beef ear with hair

Try our 9in Braided Collagen Stick for variety!


Safety and Bonding Guidelines
Feed As Treat Only
ALWAYS supervise chewing sessions when ANY treat is given to help prevent choking hazards.
Provide plenty of fresh drinking water, especially immediately after enjoying treat!


All Farm Hounds products are transparently sourced and made in the USA from family farms with 100% pasture-raised cattle! With the power of dehydration, we offer you products that are free of salt, sugar, fillers, toxic chemicals, and preservatives. These dehydrated chews are highly digestible and humanely raised to support regenerative agriculture.

  • Made in the USA
  • 100% pasture-raised cattle
  • No toxic chemicals or pesticides
  • No added hormones or antibiotics
  • Practicing regenerative agriculture
  • Sourced from American family farms
  • Free of salt, sugar, preservatives, and fillers
  • Know the exact farm your product came from!

Sourcing: One of our incredible Farm Partners
We are proud to work with American family farms committed to raising animals in the best way possible - free of added hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, and pesticides.

Everything we make is connected to family farms. When you purchase from Farm Hounds, you will always know the exact farm we worked with to make that product. We maintain the connection to the farm through the entire process by placing the farm name on every product.

We choose to source from working farms which means animals may not mature on our timetable. At times, this means we do not have access to the products we want or need. However, we continue to identify small, true working farms that we can partner with to help minimize any shortages.

Keep in a cool/dry place. Our dehydrated products are free of preservatives and pesticides. For chews especially after a chewing session, avoid sealing in plastic or containers that can trap moisture. Allow chew to air out and store in a cool/dry place. For longer storage, freezing can be a great way to keep products fresh and away from bugs and pests that might show interest.

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