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COCO by Stone

Fragrance Spray - Autumn - All-In-One

Fragrance Spray - Autumn - All-In-One

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Autumn is a fragrance with a fresh and brisk top note of apple and clove combined with warm and spicy middle note accents of sweet cinnamon and peach. The base of the fragrance ends with warm musk and vanilla cream to interpret the changing season and its magical, earthy aroma.

Fabric, Body, and Room Spray

  • Shake and spray generously on fabric, pillows, linens, car interiors, upholstery, and clothing
  • May also be applied as hair and body spray
  • Subtly scented for all desired usage of fragrance enhancement

Ingredients/Materials: Deionised Water, Denatured Alcohol, Essential Oil, Fragrance Oil

5oz bottle

Perfect for fragrance layering with our Autumn Coconut Wax Pet Safe Candle.

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