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Canine PETS C&C™ Sinus Support

Canine PETS C&C™ Sinus Support

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PETS C&C Sinus Support Since 2005

Main Function – To support healthy sinuses and respiratory functions.

Use For:
✅ Normal sinus flow
✅ Normal mucus production
✅ Upper respiratory health
✅ Antioxidants

Sinus Support: An herbal blend formulated to help support pets with general sinus conditions. Contains a variety of herbs including blueberries, an antioxidant powerhouse that helps support mucosal membranes in the nasal cavity.

Pets C&C:

  • Supports normal functions of the sinuses
  • Supports normal functions of the bronchial tubes
  • Supports normal functions of the respiratory tract

It also contains herbs that work synergistically with the body’s normal detoxification system to purge unwanted contaminates. 

*We ask that our customers try our products for at least 30-days!

For added immune and respiratory support use both Pets C&C™ and Vibactra Plus® together.


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