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Chew - Cod - Whole Skin Sticks

Chew - Cod - Whole Skin Sticks

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Our bag of wild-caught Alaskan Cod whole skin sticks provide a crunchy texture similar to that of big meaty chips your pup will love!

We capture the skins that are filleted off the cod right at the commercial fishing processing plants that would normally be wasted, then slowly dehydrate the skins to perfection as either hand rolled treats, or as whole skins so your pet is certain to have the most nutritious and premium treat on the market. Our single ingredient sustainable pet treats are made in Alaska!

  • Single ingredient - nothing else added
  • Shelf stable, no refrigeration required
  • No additives or chemicals
  • Omega 3's and vitamins
  • Resealable package
  • 100% sustainable
  • Made in Alaska

100% wild-caught Alaskan Cod

Try our Salmon Whole Skins for variety!

Safety and Bonding Guidelines
Feed As Treat Only
ALWAYS supervise chewing sessions when ANY treat is given to help prevent choking hazards.
Provide plenty of fresh drinking water, especially immediately after enjoying treat!

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